The Cherry Barb

The Cherry Barb

This stunning little fish is often over looked because it belongs to the Barb family – and Barbs have a reputation for being fin nippers. This is very true of the Tiger Barb but most of the rest of the family make good community fish.

Community Fish

The Cherry Barb is a superb example of why this Barb should be included in any community aquarium.

It is a very colourful red fish with the male being much brighter red than the female, she is much more of an orange colour the photo shows the difference.

The male is a showy chap with his fins extended whenever a female is present, and he will spend all day trying to attract a mate.

How many?

Five or more make a good shoal but the more the better.


Cherry Barbs will eat almost any type of food; dry flakes, live foods like daphnia or blood worm and frozen foods of the same.

An easy to care for fish which makes no demands on water conditions – but it does require a mature aquarium that has had fish in for more than three weeks.

So why not include some in your aquarium?