Winter care for Small Animals

Keep your furry friends warm in winter

As winter approaches, and the freezing temperatures are already making an appearance, it’s time to prepare your hutches to ensure your rabbits and guinea pigs stay warm.

The easiest solution is of course to bring your pets in for the winter; there are many different sizes of suitable indoor cages available.

If it is not possible to move them inside, it is essential to provide a good supply of fresh, clean and warm bedding and to replenish it regularly. It’s a good idea to cover the hutch at night to keep out the cold and wet weather – you can use blankets, old carpet or hessian sacking for warmth but also use polythene or tarpaulin for protection against the rain – alternatively hutch covers are available.

Always remember to allow good ventilation.


You will need to keep a close eye on your pet’s water bottle, as these can freeze as the temperature drops, bottle covers are a great way of insulating them.

You will find it useful to keep a spare bottle to hand in case freezing causes the bottle to crack – bottles and bottle covers are available in store for that handy spare.

When the weather worsens and heavy frosts and snow arrive you should move your hutch into a shed to give further protection from the cold temperatures.


Your pets will still need to have plenty of exercise as well as regular “cuddle” time – don’t let them miss out because you don’t want to be out in the cold, bring them in for some fun and fussing!

We have everything you need to keep your furry friends cosy in winter, so visit us today to stock up on your essential supplies!

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