Winter Pond Preparation

Prepare your pond for winter

November’s cooler weather means that now is the time to prepare your pond for it’s winter sleep – here’s a list of jobs to help make the most of your pond.


Pond plants will need trimming back and this is a good opportunity to re-pot or split existing plants – replacing damaged mesh pots as necessary.

Use new aquatic compost and hessian liners to re-pot plants that have outgrown existing pots or to pot up new or divided plants – add aquatic fertilizer at the same time to give plants a boost in the spring then top off with clean gravel and place pots carefully back into the pond.


Falling leaves can be a problem over winter – so removing this decaying matter is a necessary job.

You could use a fine net to scoop the leaves – although this can be a cold, wet and messy job and you may end up with cloudy water as you are disturbing other waste at the bottom of the pond – and take care not to overload the net as it may put a strain on the net handle.

A much easier and cleaner method of removal is to use a pond vac. This also refreshes the pond by performing a partial water change at the same time – remember to add tap water chlorine remover to any new tap water used.

We stock a range of products – including the Hozelock Pond Vac – to help you keep your pond in tip top condition.

Filters and Pumps

Clean your pond filter and pump so it performs well over the winter – no one wants to put their hands in freezing cold water in the middle of winter to fish out a pump that has stopped.

Remember to use water from the pond to do this so that the beneficial bacteria are not disturbed.


Fish need less food in the colder months, the type of food is governed by the water temperature.

  • Above 10 degrees Celsius feed normally.
  • Between 5 and 10 degrees Celsius feed wheatgerm foods sparingly.
  • Below 5 degrees stop feeding completely as fish will not be able to digest the food.

It is a good idea to have a pond thermometer in your pond as the water may be cooler than the air temperature – and remember that it’s usually cooler in the mornings and late evenings.

We stock everything you need to make the most of your pond – so come see us soon to pick up any supplies you need to carry out these tasks before it gets too cold!


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