Aquarium Lighting

Aquarium Lighting

Get the best from your fish and plant by keeping up with your light maintenance.

Fish and plants need good quality lighting so keeping the tubes clean helps more light penetrate through the water. Adding reflectors will give up to 50% more light penetration, and also the age of the tubes plays an important role – after twelve months the output of the light tubes will have been reduced by ninety percent so they need to be replaced.

Adding the right lighting combination will enhance your fish and plants – a colour corrected “pink” tube at the front and a white tube at the rear will give a balanced spectrum for everything.

You may even consider changing your lighting to the new style led lighting, while the initial expense may seem high, the fact that no replacement tubes for ten years and the lower running costs may be much more appealing.

So come and see us when it’s time replace your lights – and if they don’t need replacing yet, then why not ask us if they can be improved easily!

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