Hamster Care in Winter

Hamster Care in Winter

During the colder months of the year, give some thought to your hamster – don’t just assume they’re OK!

Although they are an indoor animal, if the temperature in your house becomes too cold hamsters will go into hibernation, we may not think about this because we have our heating on but let’s stop and think for a moment.

If we are at work is the heating on? Also at night temperatures will drop if the heating is off and we are snuggled up in bed – this is the danger point with our pet hamster.

The remedy is quite simple more bedding, give them a selection with a choice of fluffy bedding, paper wool and more wood shavings and perhaps keep the heating on low throughout the night and during the day – and this maybe all you need to do to keep hammy happy.

If your pet looks lifeless in the morning – stop! It may be that it has hibernated, if so gentle warming may bring it round. Sometimes an old trick used by farmers during lambing works and that is to place the hamster in a warm (turned off) oven with the door open. This may warm them back into life.

Many a “dead” hamster has been buried when it was still alive, but just in hibernation, so it’s best to check first – and remember to always seek veterinary advice too!

We stock a wide range of bedding – so we’ll definitely have something to keep your hamster cosy and warm!

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