Pond Plant Care

Pond Plant Care

Following a long cold winter, your pond plants may look a little like those in the photograph – in need of some attention!

Some plants will need to be lifted, re-potted and trimmed back and this will ensure good growth during the coming season. Follow our simple guide, and you can give your pond plants a new lease of life!

Choose a plastic mesh basket that will allow your plant room to grow, some large established plants may need to be divided into a smaller more manageable size.

Next line your pot with a hessian liner, then pot your plant using aquatic compost, this is a quality weighted compost that promotes root growth thus encouraging good top growth. It is not advisable to use multi-purpose compost for pond plants, as the higher levels of nitrogen can lead to increased algal growth in the pond and may also cloud the water.

Finally, finish the top of the basket with some aquatic gravel.

Adding a fertiliser tablet to the basket will promote good growth throughout the season.

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