Run rabbit, run!

Rabbit Runs & Shelters

It’s lovely to see our pets enjoying the sunshine as much as we do, rabbits and guinea pigs really enjoy stretching out and relaxing in the fresh green grass. But, it is important to keep them safe.

We stock a variety of runs in store which can be moved around the garden.

The Fellside is a hexagonal run with a detachable mesh top – it’s great value at only £30.70.

The Sandford is a square run with a fixed metal roof, it has large opening door panels for access – it measures 120cm x 120cm x 60cm and costs only £49.99.

The Appleby run is a larger version of the Sandford, measuring 180cm x 120cm x 60cm and is excellent value at only £59.99.

Shelter is an important factor to consider.

Rabbits and guinea pigs will need to have shelter from the rain and also the heat, and a shelter will also provide some security as a bolt hole should they be startled by neighbourhood cats.

Our small animal hut makes a fantastic addition to any run.

Note, prices subject to confirmation following publication.

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