The Corydoras Catfish

The Corydoras Catfish

There are many different species of Corydoras available, all of which have great a character and make a fascinating addition to any tropical community aquarium. They originate from the river basins of South America, although most are now captive bred.

They are a fish that naturally swims in schools and therefore, are best kept in groups three is a good number. They are bottom dwellers and will happily spend their time keeping the bottom of the aquarium clean while they search for food. Corydoras are very peaceful and undemanding.

There are many types available which vary greatly in size, from the tiny Corydoras pygmaeus at 2.5cm to the much larger Corydoras barbatus which reaches 12cm. Although many of the more commonly kept species such as the bronze catfish C.aeneus, or peppered catfish C.paleatus typically reach a size of approx 7cm.

A natural aquarium set up with a silver sand or fine gravel substrate, a few plants and some bogwood would be ideal for these cheerful little fish. They will accept most foodstuffs, although be sure to include some sinking catfish pellets or bloodworm in their diet.

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