Toys for Dogs

Toys for Dogs

Play time for your dog is a natural and essential social bond, whether your dog has other doggy playmates or if you spend time playing with your dog, it is an important part of the day for your furry friend.

Choosing a good selection of toys to play with is important to your pet and will help to keep playtime fun and interesting. And there are lots to choose from to find your dogs favourite!

Many dogs and their natural instincts will help you to select toys to their liking, many Terriers enjoy squeaky toys as this replicates their instincts to hunt, whilst some Toy breeds find soft toys a comfort, larger powerful breeds need toys that can withstand their desire to chew. Balls and Raggers are always popular for dogs that love to fetch. Skineeze toys are great products as they are a soft toy which is stuffing free, which saves a lot of mess!

An all time favorite has to be the Kong.

There are many different types of Kong within the range to suit every type of dog, but the classic Kong is still a firm favorite. The classic Kong is available in different sizes and strengths. The conical design is great at encouraging chewing, and it is also bounces in all directions when thrown. One of the major benefits of the Kong is that you can stuff the cavity with treats to keep your dog entertained. A good variety of stuffing will keep your dog mentally stimulated as it works to retrieve all the tasty morsels. A mix of soft and dry foods work well, as do pieces of carrot or even a smear of peanut butter!

Always be sure to supervise your dog with their toys.

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