Treating Marine White Spot

Treating Marine White Spot

Treating marine white spot can sometimes be a problem and you need to be sure that you are providing the correct treatment depending on the type of marine aquarium you have.

There are three types:

  • fish only
  • fish only with live rock
  • mixed reef

Fish Only

In a fish only aquarium  the treatment for white spot or oodinium is a copper based cure like Cupramine, this is a very effective cure and is easy to use. It does have one drawback and that is that once used it will then prevent the introduction of any invertebrates into the aquarium as it is not possible to remove the copper from the system as it is absorbed by sand and rocks.

Fish Only with Live Rock

In a fish only with live rock copper cures cannot be used as they will kill the live rock.
Octozin is the only safe option in this case but may require two treatments to be effective.

Mixed Reef

In a mixed reef system again copper cures cannot be used and octozin is the only safe option.

Beneficial Practices

The natural method – keep a cleaner wrasse in your aquarium. This little fish is nature’s way of removing parasites from fish, the wrasse picks off and eats the parasites, keeping fish clean. Cleaner shrimp will also perform the same function.

Raise the temperature in the aquarium to thirty degrees Celsius, this will accelerate the life cycle of the parasite making the treatment more effective.

Reduce the s.g of the aquarium the reduction to 1.018 s.g bursts the white spot cysts this should be done in slow stages so as not to shock the fish and invertebrates.

But by far the best thing to do is to have a quarantine tank set up and mature and when buying fish quarantine them for two weeks and treat with a copper based cure before introducing them to your main display. Here we do just this with any fish we import.

We also have our fish systems and coral systems separate so we can keep our fish in a low level of copper to ensure they are free from parasites.

It is a sad event that some fish shops do not quarantine their fish when importing and sell them within a few days of receiving them this is stressful for the fish as they have not settled from being in a plastic bag in a box for 36 hours, and stress is the greatest reason fish get white spot.

With shipments every two weeks, we go to great lengths to quarantine our fish and make sure they are the best we can supply – this may explain why our main tanks are not always full as we have fish waiting to come out from quarantine with a clean bill of health!

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