Looking After Your Aquarium

Fish tanks require minimal maintenance – but it is essential that it is carried out regularly, so on a weekly  basis…

Change 10% of your tank water, use a gravel cleaner to remove all the waste whilst siphoning the water out.

Clean your filter…  If you have an under-gravel filter it will have been cleaned whilst gravel cleaning, but if you have an internal filter, the foam pads will require cleaning separately in aquarium water – use half a bucket of tank water for this, or you can use the water you have siphoned off if it’s not too dirty.  Using aquarium water retains the beneficial bacteria in your filter foams – you should NOT clean filter material using tap water as the bacteria will be destroyed and your fish may suffer.

If you have an external power filter follow the manufactures guide lines.

If your filter contains a carbon element (foam or granules) this will need replacing every six weeks – after this is it becomes ineffective and can leach back the impurities it has removed.

If you need to replace any of your filter foams, replace only one at a time on a monthly basis so that you retain beneficial bacteria – you can continue this until all of your filters have been replaced.

Clean the glass and any décor.

Top up the tank with de-chlorinated tap water (use aquasafe or stress coat), taking care to ensure that the water you add is the same temperature as the aquarium.  You can use a combination of water from the mains cold tap and boiled water from a kettle achieve the required temperature, and always add stress zyme to boost the filter as cleaning it will have removed and disturbed some of the beneficial bacteria.

Following your cleaning routine your tank may be cloudy, but it should clear quickly.

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