Introducing marine fish and invertebrates to your aquarium

Turn out the lights and float your unopened bag on surface for ten minutes.

Check the salinity of your aquarium – our fish system salinity is 1.021 and invert system is 1.024.

Open the bag and, using an egg cup or similar, put one measure of water from your tank into the bag.

Repeat this every two to three minutes for a total of ten times and then check the salinity.  When the salinity of the water in the bag matches that in your tank you can move on to the next step.

After this time it is important to net the fish out of the bag and put it into the tank, discarding the water in the bag.  You should also feed your existing fish so that they are distracted from the new arrivals.

After one hour turn the aquarium lights on and enjoy your new tank inhabitants.

Always add stability to your aquarium to boost the bacteria in the filter, remember there are only enough bacteria to support the original number of fish and the filter has to catch up, stability does this for you.

Check the ammonia, nitrite and nitrate levels over the next week to make sure that everything is OK.  And it is always advisable to check the salinity, ph, nitrite and nitrate levels in your tank before coming to the store to purchase additional fish.

If the fish you have bought are the first fish to go in your tank you must not add any more for three weeks, or carry out any water changes.  After this period, we recommend that you bring a water sample to us for testing before purchasing any more fish.

Duty of Care

The law on keeping animals has changed and we have a duty of care, as do you, to care for animals.

To meet our obligations and help you to meet your we may ask questions about your tank to ensure that you have the best success with your fish.

Very occasionally means that we need to refuse to sell fish if we are concerned that the water conditions are not right for them.  Either way, we are committed to ensuring that we will do all that we can to help you enjoy a wonderfully healthy aquarium.

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