Tropical Marine Fish and Inverts

You can be sure you’ll find whatever you’re looking for in our marine aquarium section as we have a great selection of marine fish, corals and critters, including…

  • clownfish, triggerfish and butterflyfish
  • angelfish, lionfish and damsels
  • shrimps, hermit crabs and live rock
  • large and small polyped stony coral – lps and sps

…and having established close links with carefully selected overseas suppliers of marine fish – we are pleased to offer them at the most competitive prices.

Our large selection of marine tanks and marine aquariums offer something to fit any budget and any room – plus a full range of marine aquarium accessories, food and water treatment products for the hobbyist and expert, including

  • TMC Protein Skimmers
  • V2 Power Filters
  • Arcadia LED Lighting
  • TMC and Red Sea Salt
  • RO Water and pre-mixed Salt Water
  • Additives and treatments from Red Sea, SeaChem and New Era

Our experienced, knowledgeable staff are always happy to offer expert advice.

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